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Not only do we, at Encino iPhone, iPad & Mac repair, offer repair services for Mac Computers, but we can also help you with various software updates, virus removal, computer analysis, as well as anti-virus software installation.

Due to our continuously expanding network of franchise and corporate locations, you can search for our Mac repair store conveniently positioned near you to ensure that your computer is fixed and running smoothly in no time.

Common problems with Mac and their potential causes

iMacs and Mac Books are incredible supercomputers that are, mostly, easy to use. Still, there are a few of issues that may cause panic for its users.

Our technicians are trained and skilled on Apple computer maintenance in order to help users get their issues sorted out efficiently and quickly.

Contact us if you are experiencing difficulties that you can’t fix. To help you better, our technicians have compiled a list of the problems we encounter most in Mac Computers. If a specific issue isn’t listed below, call us.

Mac spontaneously restarts. Potential reasons: When you experience this sort of problem with your device, it isn’t often caused by the system itself. Random shut downs or restarts can be traced back to new software viruses, installations, and malware. However, when you cannot find any of such problems on your Mac device, then it may be a malfunction caused by the internal hardware of the system.

I can’t print Potential Causes: This can be credited to a malfunction in the printer system. One stress-free fix for this problem is to go to the Print and Fax System Preference and then reset the printer system. Where the problem isn’t internal, its best to speak to the printer manufacturer.

The computer freezes during startup Possible causes: The common reasons why a Mac system malfunctions during startup are often attributed to apps. Most times, too many applications might be open simultaneously, competing for disk access as well as using up too much memory.

Data from your previous Apple computer refuses to transfer to the new system. Potential causes: The operating system is unresponsive. This is a common issue in data transfer.

Load time is slow Potential causes: The hard drive might be full or need a memory clean up. Whenever a Mac is booted, a lot of things are preset to load. These items slow the system down during the startup. In this case, a system tune-up will solve it.

A newly downloaded application is hidden Likely cause: New applications are downloaded to the Applications folder on the Mac. It’ll be there when the app’s icon hasn’t loaded on your dock.

An app is not starting when it is clicked Potential causes: there’s probably a “disk permission error” or some part of the app’s plug-in failed.

Contact us to fix all issues with your Mac device.

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