iPhone Glass Repair

At Encino iPhone, iPad & Mac repair, we fix broken screens. Broken iPhone glass? Our company is Apple-approved to handle repairs and supply replacements, and we offer;
  •  No-obligation quotes for both servicing and iPhone repairs, and it includes iPhone screen repair as well.
  • A 30-day guarantee on iPhone repairs.
  • Repairs are made according to Apple standards.
  • We make use of only genuine Apple parts as well as Apple -approved replacement iPhones, so our repairs will not void your warranty in any way.
Free repairs for faults covered by your iPhone warranty - as a completely approved iPhone repair supplier, we can handle warranty repairs and wouldn’t charge a fee for them. iPhone Repair by Version We can fix or replace various models of iPhone, such as;
  •  iPhone 6s repair (including Plus version)
  • iPhone 6 repair (including Plus model)
  •  iPhone 5s repair
  •  iPhone 5c repair
  •  iPhone Replacement and Display Repair
If your iPhone's screen is broken or it has stopped functioning, you will have to get it fixed fast. At Encino iPhone, iPad & Mac Repair can replace your cracked or shattered iPhone and make your phone as good as new. Please, note that accidental damage isn’t covered under your guarantee. We only use genuine replacement screens to avoid voiding your warranty. If you have got a frozen iPhone with an unresponsive display, we can fix the problem without a hassle. We can help you prevent extra costs to purchase a new device by replacing your defective screen. If you have iPhone water damage issues, you can contact our customer care to give you some advice on how you should handle the problem. Our Agents can have a look at your device and give you their no-obligation, professional view on the next steps to take. If the extent of water damage to your iPhone is not serious enough to make the handset completely useless, the cost will be subject to the model of the handset and the nature of the repair needed. To get a fast repair, you can visit any of our Tech Hubs. Our Tech personnel have sophisticated on-site repair facilities manned by our skilled Agents, and providing we have all the crucial parts in stock; we plan to get your phone back to you within two days.

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